About Dr Anisha Gupta

Dr Anisha Gupta - best eye specialist in delhi

Dr. Anisha Gupta

Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreoretina Specialist

Dr Anisha Gupta is a qualified and expert ophthalmologist in Delhi, with extensive expertise in several modern techniques, such as:

Suture-less cataract surgery – both micro-incision surgery and phacoemulsification
LASIK and other refractive procedures
Surgical and medical vitreoretinal procedures
Paediatric procedures

Her comprehensive portfolio allows her to perform efficient and effective procedures tailored to every patient’s needs. She ensures reliable results with a rich educational background serving as the foundation for her professional journey.

Academic Background and Practice

2008: Completed MBBS at Maulana Azad Medical College
2008-2011: MS in Ophthalmology from the same institute
2011: Started senior residency at Guru Nanak Eye Centre alongside specialist training in vitreo-retinal procedures and general ophthalmology
2012: Completed the DNB ophthalmology exam
2014: Completed the International Council of Ophthalmology’s (FICO) fellowship exam

Since completing these goals, she has worked as a vitreoretinal consultant for 3 years at Eye7 Hospital in Delhi. She is also a vitreoretinal and ophthalmology consultant at the following centres:

GNH Excel Medical Centre
Pentamed Hospital
Dr Aggarwal’s Eye Clinic
Fortis Hospital

Other Notable Achievements

As a regular faculty at several conferences, Dr Gupta has had many opportunities to showcase her expertise. Some notable achievements include:

Publishing 20 papers in international and Indian medical journals
Presenting 14 research papers in international conferences, and many more in national conferences
Receiving 3 awards for paper presentations from the Delhi Ophthalmological Society
Receiving the Bhagirath Sammaan in 2013 for social service in medicine

Dr Gupta is a eye specialist in Delhi and uses the most sophisticated techniques and technologies in all her procedures. Specialising in numerous fields under ophthalmology allows for a range of treatment options customised for every patient.

Thus, Dr. Anisha Gupta promises comprehensive compassionate care that always prioritises the patient and their comfort!